The major focus of education and research in the Department of Biological Science is to deepen the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms underlying various biological phenomena from molecular behaviors to population dynamics. The educational programs provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to do self-study and systematically learn current biology, and foster the ability to reflect on the meaning of life.

Research areas of our current faculty members are 1) cell biology of cytoskeleton and cell motility; 2) physiology of extremophiles; 3) physiology and molecular biology of plants; 4) physiology and neurobiology; 5) developmental biology; 6) evolutionary genetics; 7) histology and 8) systematic and evolutionary botany. The faculty members cooperate with each other to carry out effective education and research programs. Among the wide-ranging education programs covered by faculty members, a set of integrated studies (Biological Science Seminars I, II and III) is unique to this department. Biological Science Seminar I is designed for first-year students to find and research topics following their own interests, and the results are open in oral presentation. This seminar is carried out in a one-to-one teaching system. Biological Science Seminar II in the second year is an advanced class, further promoting the positive attitude of students towards biological sciences. Through Biological Science Seminar III, the third-year students are introduced to the specialties of faculty members. To complete their education, students undertake research for their graduation theses in the final year and gain the latest knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques to facilitate the development of creative science.

 Academic Advisor  Main Research Projects
Prof. K.Akama Molecular biology of model plants
Prof. K.Ozaki Mechanism of the structural and functional organization of cell domains in neuronal cells
Prof. A.Nishikawa Developmental biology,Programmed cell death,amphibian metamorphosis,Myogenesis
Prof. T.Matsuzaki Morphogenesis of skin and hair follicle
Prof. S.-J.Lin Diversification and reproduction of Pteridophyte
Assoc.Prof. H.Akiyoshi Phylogenetic research on structure and function of internal organs
Assoc.Prof. H.Ishida Developmental biology,Programmed cell death,amphibian metamorphosis,Myogenesis
Assoc.Prof. A.Oshima Physiology of extremophiles
Assoc.Prof. Y.Kodama Interaction in endosymbiosis between the ciliate Paramecium bursaria and the symbiotic alga Chlorella species
Assoc.Prof. M.Hatsumi Meiotic mechanisms of Drosophila and evolutionary genetics of aquatic animals
Assoc.Prof. A.Mougi Theoretical study of evolution and ecology of biodiversity
Assis.Prof. T.Akihiro Plant physiology, amino acid metabolism,and phytoremediation
Assis.Prof. T.Takahara  Behavioral Ecology, Study of environmental DNA
Full-time Contract Assis.Prof.K.Sugai Ecological genetics of woody plants in the Bonin (Ogasawara) Islands, Conservation genetics on islands
Full-time Contract Assis.Prof.Y.Yamaguchi My research interest is to explore the molecular mechanisms of osmoregulation and its endocrine control in vertebrates. Pursuing the evolutionary origin of such physiological systems, I have been focusing mainly on fishes, the early diverged vertebrate classes. Here at the Shimane University, I will conduct researches on the physiology of jawless hagfish.