The department aspires to be a premier regional environmental science program that addresses thescience, education, and management of regionalenvironments. We especially focus on regionalre sources such as water, soil,and aquatic organisms in order to achieve a sustainable society with an environmentally sound resource cycle. Ourstudents can obtain the knowledge and skills toevaluate, conserve, and manage regional resources through classroom lectures, laboratory work, and fieldwork in and around Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi, which are representative of the rich and varied nature in Japan. In order to deepen the student’s academic expertise, the department has set up three educational courses of study: Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Environmental Resources Engineering, and Rural Engineering.

 Academic Advisor  Main Research Projects
Prof. I.Kita Analysis of water use systems with mathematical programming and effective utilization of rainwater as water resource
Prof. T.Sato Development of new technology and functional materials for water purification and reuse, collection of resources and control of environmental water quality
Prof. I.Takeda Water quality and hydrology in catchment area
Prof. T.Masunaga Enhancement and Control of soil ecosystem functions for environmental purification and sustainable agriculture
Prof. A.Yano Studies on the application of electrical engineering in agriculture
Prof. K.Yamaguchi Aquatic environment analysis with benthic organisms and its application to renovating water environment
Assoc.Prof. M.Ishii Performance based design and performance evaluation of irrigation facilities in multifunctional aspects
Assoc.Prof. T.Kuwabara Development of the purification materials for the eco-engineering, and removal and recovery of the harmful matters
Assoc.Prof. Y.Suzuki Dynamics of trace elements in various environments
Accumulation/detoxication mechanism of trace elements in bio-organisms
Development/application of new analytical methods for trace elements
Assoc.Prof. H.Somura Environmental impact assessment based on modeling analysis and field survey
Assoc.Prof. M.Dohi Robotics and mechatronics for agriculture, Plant growth model cellular automaton, Gait control by genetic algorithm
Assoc.Prof. T.Naganawa Models of carbon and nitrogen cycles, Pedometrix in soil biochemistry
Assoc.Prof. Y.Kihara Development of catchment-scale hydrologic model using GIS
Assis.Prof. K.Ueno Development of maintenance and management method for irrigation and drainage facilities
Assis.Prof. K.Sato Development of Technology for Environmental Restoration and Resource Recycling by Soil Ecological Engineering
Assis.Prof. H.Sato New Conceptual Basin and River Management
Assis.Prof. M.Sato Geotechnical Engineering, Evaluation and Maintenance of the Ground Structures, Fundamental Study of Soil Skeltons
Assis.Prof. K.Fukada Development of acoustic measurement technique in soil physics and studies on air flow in soil
Assis.Prof. H.Yoshioka Mass and momentum transport phenomena in environmental fluids, Transport phenomena with inherent stochasticity, Computational science,
Full-time Contract Assis.Prof.A.Hashiguchi Decomposition of persistent substances in the environmental water by advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), Understanding of the fate of PPCPs in the wastewater treatment plant, Arsenic removal from ground water by iron bacteria and Microbiological control using UV-LED.