In the Course of Biological Science and Biotechnology, education and research are undertaken, aiming not only at a full understanding of biological phenomena but also at applying it to human society. Living organisms are studied with conventional as well as the latest technologies at various levels from molecules, cells, tissues, and individuals to entire populations. The educational programs cover a wide range of specialty fields, such as morphogenesis, structural cell biology, biodiversity, applied plant genomics, molecular and cellular controlling systems, biomolecular signaling, microbiology, and biomolecular structure-function. In this course, students are effectively educated to be researchers and educators in biological sciences and develop practical skills for various life science-related areas of business, (e.g. those managing and assessing natural resources).

 Academic Advisor  Main Research Projects
Prof. K.Akama Molecular biology of model plants
Prof. T.Ishikawa Plant molecular physiology of reactive oxygen species and antioxidants
Prof. M.Kawamukai Molecular mechanism that regulates cell differentiation in fission yeast. Elucidation of biosynthesis of coenzyme Q10
Prof. T.Shiotsuki Structure and function of amino acid metabolizing enzymes and their application
Prof. T.Nakagawa Development and morphogenesis of plant
Prof. A.Nishikawa Developmental biology, Programmed cell death, amphibian metamorphosis, Myogenesis
Prof. N.Hirohashi Reproductive straegy and sperm evolution in animals
Prof. T.Matsuzaki Morphogenesis of skin and hair follicle
Prof. T.Yamamoto Molecular spectroscopic studies on bio-molecules
Prof. K.Yokota Molecular cell biology of lipid mediators involved in the cell signal transduction, Biochemistry and molecular nutrition on the regulation of mammalian cell function by food-derived factors and biomedicines
Prof. S.-J.Lin Diversification and reproduction of Pteridophyte
Assoc.Prof. H.Akiyoshi Phylogenetic research on structure and function of internal organs
Assoc.Prof. H.Ishida Mechanisms of cell motility
Assoc.Prof. A.Oshima Physiology of extremophiles
Assoc.Prof. T.Ogawa Plant molecular physiology, metabolism and regulatory mechanism of cofactors
Assoc.Prof. T.Kaino Elucidation of biosynthesis, regulatory mechanism and function of Coenzyme Q (ubiquinone)
Assoc.Prof. Y.Kodama Interaction in endosymbiosis between the ciliate Paramecium bursaria and the symbiotic alga Chlorella species
Assoc.Prof. M.Jisaka Structure and function of enzymes involved in lipid metabolism via hydroperoxidation
Assoc.Prof. H.Shimizu Study on the relationship between intestinal bacterial metabolites and pathogenesis of diseases
Assoc.Prof. T.Maruta Redox regulation in higher plants: cytotoxic effect and signal function of reactive oxygen species
Assoc.Prof. A.Mougi Theoretical study of evolution and ecology of biodiversity
Assoc.Prof. M.Yoshida Evolutionary genomics using massive sequencing techniques and Bioinformatics, Evo-Devo on marine non-organisms, Single cell-transcriptomics targeting mechanisms to guarantee cell identity and function
Assis.Prof. T.Akihiro Plant physiology, amino acid metabolism,and phytoremediation
Assis.Prof. T.Tkahara Behavioral Ecology of aquatic animals, Biomonitoring methods using environmental DNA
Assis.Prof. K.Nishimura Membrane traffic in cells
Assis.Prof. K.Furuta Development of insect growth regulators targeting Juvenile hormone
Assis.Prof. Y.Matsuo Molecular function of signal transduction network that is regulated by cAMP in fission yeast
Assis.Prof. K.Yoshikiyo Molecular recognition abilities of cyclodextrins