In the Environmental Science and Technology Course, we aim to produce “professionals on environmental issues” who contribute to fields of research, industry, education, and culture concerning “Environmental Resources” to realize a sustainable and affluent society in the 21st century. The term “Environmental Resources” includes the fields of water, air, soil, organisms, energy, facilities, institutions, and information. We bring up highly trained students who understand key issues and can wisely manage and use the environmental resources. The students admitted to our course are required to have the spirit of inquiry, and will cultivate their research abilities, analyzing and settling various environmental issues that we face. The Environmental Science and Technology Course integrates the three following educational and research fields: Environmental Bioscience, Environmental Resource Engineering, and Regional Environmental Restoration. Students will not only deepen their specialties but also learn the various types of approaches to cope with environmental issues using the knowledge and techniques of basic and applied sciences. Our graduates have many career opportunities including researching environmental resources, teaching environmental education, becoming a highly educated technician familiar with the ecological environment or an administrative officer who can foresee environmental issues and technologies in the future, and leading regional activism with eco-friendly manners.

 Academic Advisor  Main Research Projects
Prof. F.Aranishi Molecular phylogeny, ecology and evolution of aquatic organisms
Prof. Kazuhito Ito Genetic ecological study on pesticide-degrading microorganisms
Evaluation of pesticide side effects on microbial ecosystem
Microbial energy production from waste biomass
Geoecological study on symbiotic microbes with plants
Prof. I.Kita Analysis of water use systems with mathematical programming and effective utilization of rainwater as water resource
Prof. T.Sato Development of new technology and functional materials for water purification and reuse, collection of resources and control of environmental water quality
Prof. I.Takeda Water quality and hydrology in catchment area
Prof. T.Masunaga Enhancement and Control of soil ecosystem functions for environmental purification and sustainable agriculture
Prof. R.Miyanagai Bee biology
Prof. H.Yajima Ecologial modelling and its application for the water quality improement in lakes and reservoirs, Hydro-meteorolgical simulation in a watershed
Prof. A.Yano Studies on the application of electrical engineering in agriculture
Prof. K.Yamaguchi Aquatic environment analysis with benthic organisms and its application to renovating water environment
Assoc.Prof. M.Ishii Performance based design and performance evaluation of irrigation facilities in multifunctional aspects
Assoc.Prof. Y.Izumi Seasonal adaptation of insect
Assoc.Prof. K.Kurata Biodiversity in coastal lagoon environments, Near shore ecology changes in Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi, Carbon and nitrogen transportation through food webs in shore of Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi
Assoc.Prof. T.Kuwabara Development of the purification materials for the eco-engineering, and removal and recovery of the harmful matters
Assoc.Prof. Y.Suzuki Dynamics of trace elements in various environments
Accumulation/detoxication mechanism of trace elements in bio-organisms
Development/application of new analytical methods for trace elements
Assoc.Prof. H.Somura Modeling analysis of hydrological cycle and processes in watershed areas
Assoc.Prof. M.Horinouchi Ecology of fishes in nearshore habitats including seagrass beds, reed belts and mangrove areas
Assis.Prof. K.Sato Development of Technology for Environmental Restoration and Resource Recycling by Soil Ecological Engineering
Assis.Prof. H.Sato New Conceptual Basin and River Management
Assis.Prof. S.Hayashi Characterization of herbicide 2,4-D degrading genes in soybean root nodule bacteria Bradyrhizobium spp.
Assis.Prof. K.Fukada Development of acoustic measurement technique in soil physics and
studies on air flow in soil
Assis.Prof. H.Yoshioka Mass and momentum transport phenomena in environmental fluids, Transport phenomena with inherent stochasticity, Computational science,