Outline of the United Graduate School

The United Graduate School was founded as an independent three-year doctoral course at Tottori University. The participating Universities are the Graduate Schools (Master Course) of three Universities: Tottori; Shimane; and Yamaguchi, in the Chugoku district of Japan. In addition, the School cooperates with the Tottori Mycological Institute for promoting education and research activities. The School consists of three doctoral courses: Bioproduction Science; Bioenvironment Science; and Bioresources Science. Each doctoral course contains two to three Research Divisions, and each Division offers basic and applied research programs.

The mission of the United Graduate School is to extend, evaluate, preserve, and transmit ideas and knowledge through teaching and research at an advanced level for the particular benefit of the Chugoku district, and for the good of the wider national and international community. The School accepts not only admissions of graduate student and qualified researchers from private and public organizations in Japan, but also foreign students and researchers, especially those from developing countries.

The Graduate School provides comprehensive teaching, training, and research in agricultural and life sciences. Our major objective is to train and develop young scientists to commit to the pursuit of excellence in the research fields of Agriculture, Forestry, Applied Biochemistry and Chemistry, and Bioresources Technology.

Each student is supervised by three Faculty members: a major supervisor and two co-supervisors. Students select a major supervisor, and each student and the major supervisor approved by the admission committee select the co-supervisors. Although students study at the University where the major supervisor resides, they are able to use training and research facilities at the other two Universities.

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