The Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences was established in 1995 and was reorganized in 2018. Our Faculty aims to: 1) understand the mechanisms of biological and ecological systems and develop new technologies related to food and medical sciences 2) apply scientific outcomes to agriculture, forestry and fisheries 3) contribute to local communities, sustainable production systems and environmental preservation and reclamation efforts. The undergraduate course offers a systematic program consisting of lectures, laboratory and field work and small-group instruction. Laboratory and field work foster problem-solving skills and increase understanding of the lectures. Small-group classes improve mutual understanding between students and mentors while facilitating the development of presentation skills. Graduates have found work in private companies, government offices, and high schools. Students who wish to improve their skills can continue their research at the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology. The faculty currently consists of three departments and one center; Department of Life Sciences, Department of Agricultural and Forest Science, Department of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, and Education and Research Center for Biological Resources.
 Our Faculty is located in Matsue city, also known as the “City of Water”, in a very attractive environment surrounded by the sea, lakes, and mountains. Our teraches and staff welcome all students who are willing to study life, agriculture and environmental sciences in such a fascinating place. We are particularly focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an important educational aim. We wish to have the opportunity to provide inspiring education and innovative research to new students enrolling in our Faculty.