Forests, agricultural land, and marine areas construct a natural landscape for human life which supplies diverse and rich biological products to us. The Education and Research Center for Biological Resources consists of three sections: Forest Science, Agricultural Science and Marine Biological Science.
Forest Science has experimental forests, Agricultural Science has experimental farms, and Marine Biological Science has a marine research center. Each section provides typical educational lectures and research activities to the faculty students with the help of fully skilled and technical staff. The center has a policy to contribute to science and social education from the view point that forests, agricultural land and marines are an integrated system.
The center offers several lectures about the interface between human activity and natural environments, and also about the biological connection between forests, agricultural land, and marine areas. The lectures are open to students from every course. The center contributes to the understanding of natural life and landscapes through experience and activity in the field sites.


 Academic Advisor  Main Research Projects
 Forest Science
Assoc.Prof.T.Yamashita  Nutrient dynamics in forest soils,Soil environment below tropical rain forest of Southeast Asia
 Agricultural Science
Prof. S.Matsumoto  Analysis of available nutrients and toxic heavy metals in soil
 Marine Biological Science
Assoc.Prof. M.Yoshida  Evolutionary genomics targeting non-model organisms in oceans
Assis.Prof. H. Ono The main theme of my research is elucidating developmental changes which contribute to morphological evolution in animals. I am currently focusing on the cardiovascular formation in coleoid cephalopods and the genetic changes contributing to species-specific phenotype in amphioxus as well as developmental researches in other marine organisms.