The philosophy of Department of Environmental and Sustainability Science is “establishment of a sustainable and harmonized society between environment and human beings”. In order to realise this idea, our department provides an attractive curriculum to learn and develop advanced knowledge of soil, water, animals and resources, and advanced skills of its application. Students of our department are expected to become pioneer who can manage both nature and human in a sustainable way.
For further deepening of the knowledge and skills of students, the department consists of the following four courses covering different but closely related areas: Environmental Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Environmental Dynamics, and Rural Engineering. Students can learn theories, methodologies, and practical applications to important environmental and ecological issues from diversified standpoints.
Geographical area where the Department conducts our study are also diverse, which include the brackish lakes Lake Nakaumi and Lake Shinji where unique ecosystems exist, Hii River whose environment has been developed through complex interactions between nature and human activities, and forest and agricultural areas nearby. Each study area has its own problems which can be effectively resolved with knowledge and skills developed and sophisticated in our department.

 Academic Advisor  Main Research Projects
Prof. Kazuhito Ito Genetic ecological study on pesticide-degrading microorganisms, Evaluation of pesticide side effects on microbial ecosystem, Ecology of endophytes
Prof. M.Ueno Studies on the expression of resistance in plant-microbe interaction
Prof. I.Kita Analysis of water use systems with mathematical programming and effective utilization of rainwater as water resource
Prof. J.Kihara Photomorphogenesis in phytopathogenic fungi
Prof. T.Kuwabara Development of the purification materials for the eco-engineering, and removal and recovery of the harmful matters
Prof. I.Takeda Water quality and hydrology in catchment area
Prof. T.Masunaga Enhancement and Control of soil ecosystem functions of plant production and environmental purification, Nutritional ecology in soil-water- plant ecosystems
Prof. R.Miyanaga Bee biology
Prof. A.Yano Plant environment photonics
Prof. K.Yamaguchi Aquatic environment analysis with benthic organisms and its application to renovating water environment
Assoc.Prof. M.Ishii Performance based design and performance evaluation of irrigation facilities in multifunctional aspects
Assoc.Prof. Y.Izumi Physiological and biochemical study on seasonal adaptation of insect
Assoc.Prof.H.Kawaguchi Forest productivity, Forest regeneration M.Kubo Dynamics of riparian forest, Management of semi-natural grassland
Assoc. Prof. K. Kurata Biodiversity in coastal lagoon environments, Near shore ecology changes in Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi, Carbon and nitrogen transportation through food webs in shore of Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi
Assoc.Prof. K.Sato Development of technology for environmental restoration and resource recycling by soil ecological engineering
Assoc.Prof. K.Suyama Evaluation of pesticide side effects on microbial ecosystem, Development of teaching materials about pesticide
Assoc.Prof. T.Naganawa Spatial variation and diversity in soil ecology
Assoc.Prof. T.Hashimoto Estimation and evaluation of water source forest effects on water supply using simple hydrological models
Assoc.Prof. Y.Kihara Development of catchment-scale hydrologic model using GIS
Assis.Prof. K.Ueno Study on maintenance methods and disaster prevention and mitigation methods for irrigation and drainage facilities
Assis.Prof. H.Sato New conceptual flood control system to the excess flood of a river basin regarded as a management unit
Assis.Prof. M.Sato Maintenance of the overaged earth structures
Assis.Prof. K.Shimizu Ecology of arthropod community in tropical rain forest of South East Asia, Interactions among ants, the other arthropods and plants
Assis.Prof. G.Nagato The formation and environmental dynamics of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon congeners
Assis.Prof. S.Hayashi

Study on microbe-microbe and microbe-plant interactions, Genetic study on pesticide-degrading ability in bacteria, Control of odorous compounds-producing cyanobacteria and actinomycetes in water ecosystems

Assis.Prof. A.Hashiguchi Microbiological control using UV-LED, Development of new wastewater treatment system
Assis.Prof. K.Fukada

Studies on dynamics of air in soil by acoustic measurement method

Assis.Prof. R.Fujimaki Biomass production and nutrient cycling in forest ecosystems
Assis.Prof. H.Yoshioka Collective motion of animals, Mathematical modelling of environmental and ecological dynamics
Assis.Prof. Y.Yoshioka Assessment of groundwater enviroments in regional scale
Assis.Prof. Z.Li Development of environment control system for agricultural cultivation facilities using photovoltaic and electrical engineering technologies