Yoshihiro SAWA Professor

The Faculty of Life and Environmental Science presents an attractive environment to students and researchers for studying Life from basic biology to life science, biotechnology, agriculture, forestry, ecology and environmental sciences. We provide the multidisciplinary programs from basic subjects to the latest research developments and innovations including the interdisciplinary scientific issues to develop a diverse portfolio of scientific skills to advance sustainable development and quality of life. Our programs are research-led and integrative, ensuring that our courses are at the cutting edge and that our students are prepared for the future. So far, our over 4000 graduates both at home and abroad with multidisciplinary backgrounds have been well qualified for a wide variety of careers within science-based industries, academia, research and commercial sectors. The Faculty has now four departments: Biological Science, Life Science and Biotechnology, Agricultural and Forest Sciences, and Regional Environmental Sciences. In addition, Education and Research Center provides an opportunity of field-based research and education in the off-site facilities for Agricultural, Forest and Marine Biological sciences. Our mission is to inspire and transform the students by providing an innovative learning experience, and Graduate School of Life and Environmental Science is open for advanced further studies. Our faculty and staff invite all students strongly motivated to study Life with us in Matsue, known as the “City of Water”.