In the Agricultural and Life Sciences Major, students acquire the basic knowledge of agriculture and life sciences. Based on this knowledge, they will contribute to the development of life science and utilization of agricultural and forest products as advanced engineers and researchers with self-reliant problem solving abilities, rich humanity, and an international viewpoint.

Life Sciences Courses

 Academic Advisor  Main Research Projects
Prof. K. Akama Studies on regulatory mechanism of tRNA gene expression and physiological function of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in plants
Prof. F. Aranishi Molecular evolutionary, ecological and conservative genetics of aquatic organisms
Prof. A. Nishikawa Mechanism of myogenesis and interdigital cell death in amphibian
Prof. N. Hirohashi Reproductive physiology of marine invertebrates
Prof. T. Matsuzaki Control mechanisms of hair formation and hair cycle
Prof. S. -J. Lin Plant reproduction and evolutional diversity
Assoc. Prof. H. Ishida Cell motility mechanisms of protists
Assoc. Prof. Y. Kodama Elucidation of the mechanism that establishes endosymbiosis between the ciliate Paramecium bursaria and Chlorella spp.
Assoc. Prof. T. Takahara Behavioral ecology and bio-monitoring using environmental DNA in aquatic animals
Assoc. Prof. A. Mougi Theoretical study on maintenance mechanism of biodiversity
Assoc. Prof. M. Yoshida Evolutionary genomics targeting non-model organisms in oceans
Assis. Prof. T. Akihiro Isolation and characterization of the novel membrane transport protein from the plant
Assis. Prof. K. Sugai Ecological genetics of woody plants on islands
Assis. Prof. Y. Yamaguchi Comparative physiology and endocrinology of body fluid regulation in vertebrates
Prof. T. Ishikawa Physiology and metabolism of ascorbic acid in plants and microalgae
Prof. M. Kawamukai Molecular genetics and application of yeast
Prof. T. Shiotsuki Chemical biology and molecular mechanisms in regulation of insect development and their application
Prof. T. Nakagawa Functional analysis of genes responsible for growth and development of plants
Prof. T. Yamamoto Biomedical applications of Raman spectroscopy
Prof. K. Yokota Biochemistry and molecular cell biology on health benefit of food-derived factors and biopharmaceuticals
Prof. K. Murota Elucidation of the bioavailability of lipophilic functional food factors
Assoc. Prof. I. Ikeda Design and synthesis of bioactive molecules
Assoc. Prof. T. Ogawa Metabolism and regulatory mechanism of cofactors in plants
Assoc. Prof. T. Kaino Elucidation of biosynthesis, regulatory mechanism and function of coenzyme Q (ubiquinone)
Assoc. Prof. M. Jisaka Structure and function of enzymes involved in lipid peroxidation and following reactions
Assoc. Prof. H. Shimizu Study on the relationship between food-derived intestinal bacterial metabolites or cyanobacteria-derived toxins, and pathogenesis of diseases
Assoc. Prof. Y. Matsuo Cell signaling in fission yeast
Assoc. Prof. T. Maruta Redox control and stress response in plants
Assoc. Prof. K. Nishimura Membrane trafficking machinery of proteins in plant cells
Assoc. Prof. K. Yoshikiyo Molecular recognition engineering using cyclodextrins
Assis. Prof. M. Ishigaki  
Assis. Prof. T. Hachiya Mechanism of nitrogen sensing and responses in plants


Agricultural and Forest Sciences Course

 Academic Advisor  Main Research Projects
Prof. T. Ichinohe Feeding regimen of ruminant animal
Prof. S. Matsumoto Analysis of available nutrients and toxic heavy metals in soil
Assoc. Prof. M. Kadowaki Photosynthesis, Dry matter production
Assoc. Prof. K. Kobayasi Functional morphology and abiotic stress in crop science
Assoc. Prof. K. Ujiie Crop physiology, Development of cultivation techniques
Assis. Prof. F. Adachi Relationship between growing condition and crop production
Assis. Prof. S. Shiro Utilization of useful microbes in crop production
Assis. Prof. S-H. Song Physiological control of tissue development in animal body
Prof. T. Asao Hydroponics, Autotoxicity
Prof. K. Ohta Morphogenesis and its control in horticultural plants
Prof. N. Kobayashi Evaluation of plant genetic resources and its application
Prof. T. Matsumoto Fruit cultivation, Postharvest
Prof. Y. Tsurunaga Functional food
Assoc. Prof. H. Ikeura Analysis of the scent of vegetables, fruits and flowers
Assoc. Prof. T. Esumi Reproductive physiology in fruit and ornamental trees
Assoc. Prof. H. Tanaka Effective propagation in horticultural plants
Assoc. Prof. A. Nakatsuka Analysis of useful character gene in horticultural plants
Assis. Prof. T. Shibuya Light response of horticultural plants
Prof. Y. Ito History of agriculture and fisheries in modern Japan
Prof. N. Inoue Farming practices and resource management on farm businesses
Assoc. Prof. K. Akazawa Regional resource management
Assoc. Prof. Y. Mori Financial activity of agriculture management entities and agricultural financing in the rural economy
Assoc. Prof. N. Yasunaga Economic analysis of hilly and mountainous areas
Assis. Prof. Y. Nakama Historical analysis of agricultural policies
Prof. K. Ito Forestry economics
Prof. T. Yoshimura Forest engineering
Assoc. Prof. Y. Yone Forest remote sensing
Assoc. Prof. E. Takahashi Forest resources management